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Electrical Draft Barriers
Specifications (Slope Top Model)

  • SBST Bottom intake, top discharge.
  • SBSTF front intake, top discharge.
  • 12 gauge extruded aluminum front and back.
  • Snap fit 2 piece construction.
  • SBST/F is 3″W x 6″H
  • Enclosed junction boxes.
  • Full length thermal overload protection.
  • 1/4″ pencil proof discharge grill.
  • Aluminum fins for cool surface temperatures.
  • Standard 3/4″ EMT raceway.
  • Thermostat single or double pole, RT. or LF. Hand mounting.
  • Disconnect switch, double pole, RT. or LF. Hand mounting.
  • Painted and anodized finishes.
  • Pedestals available.
  • Control sections are 6″ or 12″: power relays, contactors, PE relays, trans former relays, duplex receptacle, fused disconnects and thermostat.
  • Accessories include: end caps, splice plates, wall trims, corners and blanks.
  • Length to 12′.
  • UL and CUL Listed.


Design Draft Barriers shall be 6″ high and 3″ wide The front cover shall be one piece 12 gauge aluminum construction suitable for architectural, commercial and industrial use, with 1/4″ pencil proof slope top discharge.

The one piece cover shall be extruded aluminum for maximum strength and shall be available in lengths to 12′. The front cover shall snap fit to the 12 gauge back cover with no screw heads or assembly fasteners. The 12 gauge back cover shall be suitable for mullion to mullion mounting.

Standard painted finish shall be provided.

Heat sections from 2′ through 10′ shall be available. All heaters shall contain a 3/4″ EMT built-in raceway with factory wiring 1/2″ and 3/4″ knockouts shall be provided on the side and rear of the heater junction box to allow end to end wiring. All blank sections shall be fully enclosed to allow branch circuit wiring. All heaters shall contain a full length linear thermal overheat protector with automatic reset. Wattages shall be available from 100 to 250 WPF.

Heating elements shall consist of a steel sheath and mechanically bonded aluminum fins to assure efficient heat transfer. Element fin temperature shall not exceed 350 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure long element life. Element shall be center anchored and free floating at each end on nylon bushings.

Optional controls shall include:
Thermostats (single or double pole) and disconnect switches. Controls shall be tamper proof and adjustable with a blade screwdriver through the discharge grill.

All heaters are labeled by Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc.