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Hot Water Draft Barriers
Model WLB
Installation Instructions

MODELS WSB/WLB residential/commercial hydronic
baseboards offer superior performance, beauty and versatility
that are combined with strength and durability.
Softline baseboard provides a gentle curtain of warmth
along cold outside walls. No drafts and no cold spots.
It is ideal for residential, apartment and commercial
applications. Painting after installation does not affect the

The heavy gauge back plate design assures perfect
alignment of the enclosure, and holds the front panel
firmly in place.

The unique patented heating element for models WSB/
WLB are available in 3/4” and 1/2” copper tube sizes.
Continuous rails of polypropylene enclose the four
corners of the element and run its entire length, eliminating
metal-to-metal contact, assuring the ultimate in quiet
performance. No old-fashioned clips or cradles to fall off
or be out of alignment, perfectly square fin dimensions
guarantee correct element installation every time.

WSB/WLB baseboard is available completely factory
assembled, in coded cartons, in lengths of 2 through 12
feet. One end of each element is expanded for simple
end-to-end sweat connecting. Elements are packed
separately for ease of installation.

Model WSB/WLB is quick and easy to install.
Its full range of matching accessories reduce labor costs
by eliminating the cutting and piecing of baseboard on
the job.
Model WSB/WLB is available in seven standard colors.
Anodized finishes are also available.


Before mounting the backplate into position, make the
proper allowances for finished floors and/or wall-to-wall
carpeting, if not already installed. WSBT/WLBT units
should be at least 1” from carpet or flooring. WSBF/
WLBF units should be at least _” from carpet or flooring.
Level the unit on wall and fasten with proper screws.
Mounting screws are not included, however, self-drilling
screws are recommended.


Place the element onto the support brackets. Align the
element ends to properly receive an adjacent element, if
multiple sections are used (see center line locations).


Align the front cover to the backplate and insert the bottom
of the front cover into the bottom of the backplate. Snap
the top of the front cover into the backplate and check
to make sure that both the top and bottom are snapped
firmly into place.


Install accessories as needed (see accessories chart).
NOTE: After installation, turn mounting screws one full
turn to the left, to allow for expansion and contraction.