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Q: What is the longest enclosure you can make without freight damage?

Twelve feet long.

Q: What is the longest heater length?

Ten feet long, but we can place up to twelve feet of heat on a 12′ long enclosure using, as an example, 2 – 6′ heaters on the 12′ backplate.

Q: Are blank section punched with slots for air inlet and discharge?

No. Regular blanks have no holes or slots unless specified.

Q: Can custom colors be painted?

Yes. The factory requires a color chip or sample to match.

Q: What can be installed for controls in a standard unit?

A thermostat in one junction box and a disconnect in the other.

Q: What are control sections used for?

When you need any other control other than a stat or disc.

Q: Are duplex recepticles available?

Yes. You need a front cover that is not part of the heater front. (Example: 6’6″ back with 6′ heat on the left and a 6′ front and a 6″ front with duplex to be snapped to the back plate.)

Q: What is the difference between a power relay and a transformer relay?

A power relay has to be fed 24 volt to power the contacts. A transformer relay produces 24 volt from the coil.

Q: Can a custom made heater be produced for a specific project?

Yes. New dies can be made and testing at U.L. can be performed, however, there are costs associated with this option.

Q: What is the delivery for anodized finish vs. painted finish?

You can add at least 4 weeks to the delivery, plus there is added cost also.